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Domestic Animals - Dogs and Cats

December 3rd, 2010

Usually, For a family with small children, small or medium-sized, such as, for example, in-giliz cocker spaniel dog spanyölü, the most appropriate choice. They are great dogs, they are not so Urku-start button; Pvc Vinyl Sheet fed less mas-; also, usually appeared when the, Mesi will need to make less than cleaned poo-pee. If you want to get a puppy, before you get a puppy every-, All puppies will be good to spend an hour or so: One of them is more vivid than others and you will see very interested in.
Requirements of your dog
Accustom a puppy home, Want a certain period of time, and it "cleaning" educating about, you need to know quite a nuisance will find of. Moreover, long time to run your baby or small child-dog poo-poo-pee to take the time to learn to stay away from his, will also encounter a health issue. Yaptıy birth anywhere you sit in when you already have a dog, baby after returning home from the hospital, encounter some problems. This-by all dogs, a strong "regions of their own development" has a sense of; also, highly dependent on the owners of all. Therefore, dog-zin, ilgilenilmediği him because of baby, You must kapılmamasına feeling excluded from the steep-fold. Because of this, can turn into a serious so-sake. The best, Before your baby born, discuss this with your partner, your dog or excess labor needed, vak-tinizi will take all your baby and you are very tired, especially the first week will reduce Larda, accustomed to seeing, and indeed need for your dog to show his attention largely top-tures ask him if you are ready. Remember, The smaller the, While gleefully running around in all directions, dog, Just like babies, a need to educate. "Give, Unsubscribe, unlucky, Go instead of "should and must fulfill learn commands such as. This can be troublesome for a long time and you want to. Generally speaking, If you do not already have a dog at home, baby early age, I suppose a different kind of animal would be better to call. To take home a small puppy, wait for four or five years of your child-Larina. 0 When it comes to age, How to Dealing corner-constipation, rash small and dealt with more quickly horse can be a two-dredge; but mostly, house cats, When the baby or small child uncomfortable, Instead of showing anger, prefers to move away from run-s.
Many people kopekPek, Many cats sneak-mayan people, cold and ungrateful for some reason (!) believes that animal-s. However, this coun-try Identify, not true at all for pet cats. Shows take proper care of a kitten, as required feed, strokes back often to take your lap, throat, scratch their ears, if you like ass gently tapping, loving in time, often self-ku-cağınıza an adult cat jump you will see the turn-şeceğini.
Such trained cats, your baby or child is too large for clusters-cock-welding of pipelines carrying will be a pleasure. The back of a ping-pong ball bouncing ball-ments by watching the cat chase after the cat or take a yarn, I entertained minutes
To act as the home to provide a warm friendly cat baby, When you come home from the hospital after birth be-beğinizle, To produce a world away from their withdrawal in humans pre-, depends on you. On the other hand, If your cat and your baby 1-2 arriving at the age of her son-as well as you want to get a kitten, sometimes be very disturbing to know your child's interest to accept-premature-ing to ensure that, effort will need to spend quite a long time to remember. Leave your puppy to grow much in the way of his own of course dealing with; but such animal to a house in maverick, very much enjoyed your child ala-mayacaktır. As in dogs, Ankara, for example, is a beautiful cat, Siamese cat-and what a brilliant encounter every day until the stray cats, There are so many cats and ordinary alley cat breed puppies are raised in the house due regard to the, nothing less than the most expensive race enjoyed Didem provides a bone.
As animal feed at home, cats and dogs are not the only options; but moving, most often they are loyal to their friends for pleasure, many families, feed your cat or dog. Whereas, especially infants, If you think only the movements and sounds of creatures from another world are able to purchase joy, when choosing a pet for küçüğünüz, You can genişletebi your fan-.

VIBRANT "movement"
Your home is less than, If you love birds, or a canary in a muhabbetkuşunun, 'd love to know if the baby is a very small. Please note that the, Even if your baby is only the appearance of the bird heyecanlandırıp, entertain: Some of these birds were bred to live in Ka-feste, very bright, colorful and a lot of action-tions; jumps back and forth in the cage cıvıldayarak, gives the baby a great pleasure. Put your bird in a cage large; mirror in the cage, small swings, Whether cascading stairs. Cage, baby birds a place to see and hang işitebileceği. Watching and enjoy the colorful fish and animals-reindeer. A small aquarium, even the traditional red fish jar, Watching your baby fish, fluctuations in color and weaker bone will provide the opportunity to hear. Home Shops selling hay-vans, outstanding color and forms, fish are sold. These, sitting, especially for families with small apartments, ideal home animals.
kediÇocuğunuz, walking, and talking to a person moves toward the third birthday approached, beslemediyseniz any animal until that day at home, rabbit, hamster, animals such as guinea pigs, animal feed was the best start in academ-learn-rurlar. The biggest advantages as pets for young children, maintenance is not too much time-consuming and paper-fesinde a small animal or bird cage, tutulabilmeîeridir safely. Moreover, these animals, as new bone-diyl child alone with a dog, or a concern about whether the vein together, they do not really south-. This is easy for the animals in a "maintenance pro-gram" develop; As soon as your child is learning in this program, will be glad to attend and implementing. Program ba­sittir: Animals are fed at the same time every day; the game is determined by the time you leave jump around koşuşmaya; in the same way, performed at regular intervals to clean the cages of. Rabbits after Küçüğünüz koşuşturaca-fied or expiry of hours of great pleasure to receive them, tiny arms, as well as receiving, cage-ing the movements of the, place-leştireceğiniz wheels and tunnels cages too may enjoy watching play-malarını. Help your child care program, driving with a great pleasure to hear the, The basic rules on animal care and responsibility to adopt as soon as possible, with a little more power so that their dog and cat care "will have a" big day right, will be taking an important step in.
Which pet animal you choose, What kind of health protection measures need to take, you'll need to complete the. Lara has transmitted diseases from animals to man-child, of these diseases in order to protect both yourself and your spouse-CPC. is extremely important to keep a clean hay-vanlarınızı. Dog droppings are made to any part of the house cleaned and wrapped in plastic bags should be disposed of, then they are made in the, must be cleaned with a cloth soaked in sterile liquid. Cats, By their very nature, clean animals than dogs; but poo-poo-pee in the house will make you keep a container filled with sand or earth, this vessel cleaned in regular intervals, frequently changing sand or soil, especially, child-ğunuzun should learn to avoid it. Rabbit box, guinea pig cage, You Kus-FeSi, For the comfort of the animals, as well as, ai-lenizin for the health of, should be regularly cleaned and ventilated. Animals and the family washing ma-ma containers, empty, cleaned containers should be washed separately. In the meantime, Make sure you have all the required amount of water your pet's water bowl and curious susa-tion of an animal or attempt to do research for the possibility of, I always leave it off of your toilet seat toilet-. Cat, domestic animals such as dogs, you brush at regular intervals, screened, is a key concern last de-; To avoid fleas, head over to spread ortalığa, Keep it clean brushes and combs careful-especially; also dogs, washed at regular intervals (fortunately, most like it) must. However you choose which animal or bird, Try to engage in health-squad as soon as the vet immediately breast-species. From her, animal vaccines and needle-tions which should be-if necessary- Learn about the general care of. If you feed your cat or dog, As the vet to say at the time vaccines.
Every child loves pets and domestic animals following her parents care, compassion, even in terms of nutrition, learns that they are dependent on human-lara. Of course enjoying some time at home to feed a hay-van and you will receive an additional job of; but first of all the child-nRemote, more generally, the pleasure it will give to your family. value of this trouble to. Of the friendship between a boy and a dog in a format developed almost self-diliğinden, watch into an unbreakable bond, highly impact-drug clearance. As your child grows, animals in the house, as well as his pleasure. many things about life-hunger, concepts of thirst, up to the concept of sexuality- he will learn from the world of. In addition, pets, Many families live side-mini s love and joy, as well as value-added, children, family relationships to be established outside-year-old people in the future, and the question-luluklara prepare.

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